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Getting You Where You Need To Go

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Kearney Flight Services is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) on the Kearney Regional Airport. Whether you are here for business, pleasure, or just stopping to refuel; Kearney Flight Service is dedicated to providing the highest quality air services and competitive fuel pricing. 

Our team is FAA Part 139 Fuel Safety Compliant and holds aviation safety in the highest regard. We encourage you to give our team an opportunity to meet your general aviation needs.

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Fast, Friendly Service You Can Rely On

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Located in Central Nebraska, Kearney Flight Services brings you a unique FBO experience! Our approach to customer service excellence along with our new, modern FBO facilities come together to give you one of the finest FBOs in the United States.

Our facility features a pilot's lounge, viewing room, snooze room, and conference area,

along with waiting area with high visibility to the ramp.

We are located on Kearney Regional Airport (EAR) at 4985 Airport Road, 

Kearney, NE 68847, just between taxiway B and C. 

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