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What is an FBO?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Kearney Flight Services is an FBO. What is an FBO?

FBO is an acronym for Flight Base Operations, which is a fixed-base operator that operates the airport and provides services to the general aviation community. The FBO is the primary service provider at the airport.

As the primary service provider, Kearney Flight Services has the honor of fueling all aircraft that land on our airfield, including the commercial aircraft.

Kearney Flight Services made significant changes in operations in July 2022 when we moved to our new location, 4985 Airport Road. Not only does the new space allow us to more comfortably accommodate our guests, but also allows us to provide an Observation Room and Conference Room with technology. Our new facility features a Pilot's Lounge, Snooze Room, and Snack & Coffee Bar.

Services provided by Kearney Flight Services include the following:

- Large, heated hangars

- Fueling (Jet A and 100LL)

- Lavatory service

- Catering services

- Ground handling


- Courtesy Cars

- Free WiFi

- Coffee and bottled water

- Rental cars

- De-icing (Type I, Type IV)

- AvTrip Points available

- No ramps fees

- Charter services

- Oxygen services

- Fresh baked cookies

- Conference Room with technology

We are committed to providing you with excellence in aviation. Whether you require quality FBO services or a chartered flight, we can provide you the support and quality aviation services you deserve.

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